Copyright © 2015 Arcis Golf All rights reserved 

Copyright © 2015 Arcis Golf. All rights reserved 

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2016 Arcis Player’s Card FAQs


·         What is included with the 2016 Arcis Card?

o   When purchasing the card online you will receive:

·         1 Free Round at the Course you selected

·         You will receive a 2nd free round if you purchase online before 12/31/15

·         $99 VIP round at Cowboys Option

·         20% off of your Green Fee & Cart Fee at ALL Arcis Properties nationwide

·         When do the free rounds expire?

o   If you purchase your card online, both free rounds will expire 12/31/2016.

·         You do not have to play any rounds in 2015 to take advantage of the 2nd free round. 

·         You must purchase your card online before 12/31/15 to receive the 2nd free round.

·         Is there a price advantage to purchasing at one course compared to another?

o   No, the price of each card is an additional $30 added to each courses weekend rack rate.

·         For example, the weekend rack rate at Plantation Golf Club is $49.95 and the rack rate at Fossil Creek is $69.95.  The price to purchase the Arcis Player’s Card at each course would be a one-time fee of $79.95(Plantation $49.95+ $30) or $99.95(Fossil $69.95+$30).

·         Are those the new rack rates at each property?

o   No, the rates posted on the flyer are solely the price of the card at each course.  Rack rates are posted on each courses websites.

·         How many rounds do I receive if I purchase the new card?

o   You will receive 1 free round at the course you selected online.  You will also receive a 2nd free round if you purchase online before 12/31/15.

·         You receive 2 free rounds.

·         Is this the new Eagle Card?

o   Yes, the Arcis Player’s Card is replacing the Eagle Card.

·         Will the cards be available for sale at each course?

o   Yes, the cards will be available to purchase at each course January 1, 2016.

·         However, you will not receive a 2nd free round when bought at the courses.

·         How many rounds do I have to play before I breakeven and start saving?

o   There are 3 ways you can start saving:

1.      If you purchase your card online you will receive a 2nd free round with your purchase – each round cost more than the $30 upcharge

2.      Use the $99 VIP round at Cowboys – This is an instant savings of $90

3.      Once you play your 3rd paying round at any of the Arcis Properties you began saving!!!

·         For example if you play Plantation and utilize your 20% discount after the 3rd round you have saved a total of $30 between the 3 rounds!

·         Is my card only good at the course I choose?

o   NO!, you can utilize the 20% off discount at ALL Arcis Properties.

·         Your free rounds are only good at the course you selected.